On multi user trails it is so easy to turn a frown into a smile by simply saying "Hello!  Have a great day!"  Being Nice and Saying Hi is not an original concept, but it has become uncommon.  

 #BeNiceSayHi is all about spreading smiles, enjoying life, and diffusing conflict on trails shared by hikers, equestrians, and cyclists.  Slow down, say Hi!, smell the roses, and enjoy the day!

We aren't the first to turn this slogan into a graphic, a tee shirt, a sticker, etc. and we aren't here to make money.  We want people to share the smiles, wave and make our trails a better place!  

All funds from sales of patches, stickers, etc. will go directly into making more and to donating items to local trail organizations to spread the word of "Be Nice, Say Hi!"

Be sure to start a Trail Courtesy conversation with your local land manager.  Don't place stickers on public property without permission.  #benicesayhi is a great positive message and keep the love flowing!